Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Tempest and the lovely Lola

"Be collected.  No more amazement." Prospero
(The Captain took his part very seriously!)

The Captain recently performed in his first school play!  There are two Lower First (Kindy) classes at his school (about 30 kids) and combined they performed an abridged version of The Tempest.  Yes, that would be five year olds acting out Shakepeare and although the play was abridged, the words themselves were not simplified in any way.  When I have mentioned this to friends and family the reactions have been varied.  Ranging from, "how ridiculous (in the interests of keeping the blog g rated I have edited this comment somewhat...)" to "how fabulous!"   To the sceptics though... the Captain can tell you the basic plot of the Tempest, he has a good understanding of the characters and can recite whole chunks of the play.  Do we underestimate the abilities of the average five year old?  Possibly.  It seems his school doesn't though.  Thankfully!  Most importantly though he adored the whole experience.  Well done Captain, I was so proud of you and we all thought you did a marvellous job.  Special thanks to Grandma for making the Prospero costumes!

This is Lola. 
She has been a house guest Chez Pirate for the last 2 weeks. 
And as a child of the 1970s that grew up watching this show:


The theme song of which I can still sing for anyone who cares to listen!
Anyway, ever since I have had a special place in my heart for Border Collies, although Blyton only ever referred to Tim as a mongrel.  Having Lola to stay has been great fun though and the boys have adored every minute of her visit.  The Captain in particular who is currently as obsessed with the Famous Five as I once was and thus also sees Lola as a surrogate Tim. 

We made several visits to the waterfall with her!  She loved it there.

Also the nearby lake. Having a dog in the family definitely encourages you to get outside more and at times and moments of the day when you would not normally be out of doors. 

 I love the photos taken below at dusk.  We spontaneously stopped off at the lake on the way home after Music to let Lola have a run around.  Normally,  I would race home and start the dinner/homework/bed routine but having a dog around encourages you to live in the moment a bit more!  I can see why pet owners are supposed to live longer than everyone else! 

I will do a renovation post soon, but just to amuse you all in the meantime:

My favourite apprentice!


  1. super gorgeous.....the play, the costume, the dog outings, the appretice - the lot!!!
    glad to hear life is well in the house of the pirates!!
    cheryl xox.

  2. A brilliant post from start to finish.

    I love that the idea of little kids performing Shakespeare and it's wonderful to learn that he had such a fantastic time = yeah!

    As for dogs and the energy they bring into your life - that's a definite, they truly do expand your world in ways you could never imagine before you have one.

    And the best bit....the giggle that I got when I saw your apprentice at the end.

    xx Felicity

  3. Utter gorgeousness, sweet Emma, from start to finish. It'd such a delight to see you about in Blogland again. J x

  4. I don't have words for how much I LOVE that they're introducing Shakespeare early. How adorable are these pictures. :)

  5. What a gorgeous costume. And what a wonderful school (SO JEALOUS!). Elementary schools here do not do plays (really, not public school anyway).

    I love the waterfall looks like you guys have such natural beauty really close to where you live! How nice!

  6. Your little man looks gorgeous in his costume. He is obviously taking it all super seriously!

  7. I love that photo of the captain he looks great all dressed up and I can see how serious he is about his role which is so very cute. And your apprentice looks very sweet and very helpful too. Lola sounds like she's become one of the family I imagine she will be missed when she goes home. Gorgeous photos Emma. Have a wonderful week. xo

  8. Shakespeare for 5 year olds - I'm in the 'how fabulous' camp. It doesn't surprise me that they can 'get' the language - little kids are wired for language. I'm amazed at how easily my children are picking up Japanese. One is learning it at school, the other just hears it from her and suddenly he knows how to say 'thank you for dinner, that looks yummy' in Japanese!

    Oh, and I've got the Famous Five theme song jingling around in my head now. Thanks for that Emma!

  9. I think children are WAY misunderstood as far as their intelligence and ability to understand things goes. We have a lot to learn from them if only we would listen.
    I would LOVE for your family to have one of our Border Collie pups, hmm I wonder if I could wangle a trip to Sydney with a smuggled pup haha.



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