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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I've been busy....

...but first,  Friday Phone Dump...

My sidekick, we both love Pablo & Rusty's

This is what he orders.  

I tend to have either a Flat White or a Piccolo Latte, depending upon the time of day.

Cute bedroom ideas from a magazine in a coffee shop... I think it was Country Style...

So love this!

And this!

Dinner with husband at Manly Wine, food so so.  Atmosphere... fabulous!!!

Armchair Collective (consistently good coffee, food and homewares!)

Love that orange piping.  Trying to convince husband to do something bold like this with the Parker Chairs he has in his office.

The Captain's latest art work.

It's a Thorny Devil!

Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballet Flats that I think need to come home with me. 

Also, think I need this.  My favourite drink is a toss up between a Pimms and a Champagne Cocktail!  

...and now to the busy side of things.  I have been organising a Trivia Night Fundraiser for 80 people and have been canvassing Sydney for prizes and donations!  Anyway, it is tonight so I have my fingers and toes crossed that it all goes well!!!  Have a lovely weekend everyone! xx

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The kitchen

Husband has been requesting that I do a blog post about the kitchen.  Intrigued?  I was.  Apparently friends of his read the blog and wanted to see some photos of it.  Who are you anonymous readers that are friends? Identify yourselves!  The main reason I haven't posted photos of the kitchen already is that it is pretty much constantly in use.  Yes, the heart of the home it is.   So here are some photos of the kitchen that aren't perfectly styled because... well, you know how it is.  I have to actually use this room! 

The shelves in the island store the most frequently used cookbooks and bits of my enamelware collection.

Looking back from the dining table into the kitchen and the pantry beyond.

The island bench.  I  need to find some stools to go here and am leaning towards getting some basic bentwood ones but haven't found the perfect ones yet.  Also haven't hung any pendant lights as I can't decide what to do... I swing between hanging cane, industrial enamel style and various different vintage pendants....  what to do, what to do...

Love the porcelain sink and the mixer. It is one of my favourite parts of the kitchen.  Plus the view out these windows is stunning.

Looking into the pantry.

Appliance shelf in the pantry.  Little one has been into the muffins and left the tin sitting on the kitchen stool!  Busted!

Open shelves on the other side of the pantry.

Looking back into the dining room from the pantry.

Kitchen island from inside the kitchen.  Love the drawers underneath the stovetop.  Last kitchen we did we installed a big freestanding Ilve.  This one we did the separate stove/oven.  So pleased we made this decision in the end.  As it means that you can cook and still be involved in whatever is going on in the room and you don't have to bend down to get things out of the oven!  Both R and I love cooking and entertaining and this way you can be chef and still be part of the party, not stuck facing a wall!

Side view from kitchen to study nook. 

Awww, my assistant hard at work!  Big thanks to everyone for all the links and suggestions that you made regarding cushion making.  I will keep you posted! xx

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The new Koskela showroom!

Yesterday the Captain and I stumbled across the most fabulous place, the new Koskela showroom in Rosebery!  He had an appointment at the studio next door and as we walked past I caught a glimpse inside the converted warehouse space and I was instantly captivated!  It is full of the most spectacular treasures and is well worth the visit.   As the lovely FF would say:

"run, don't walk people!"

Loving these vintage birdies!!!

The most exquisite bed linen for children that I think I have ever seen!

The Captain's croissant came to him literally straight out of the oven! His review... delicious!

We will be back, the Captain is hankering after one of the embroidered tree house doona covers!  

All of this wonderfulness is at:

Koskela 1/85 Dunning Ave Rosebery   

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My two whirlwinds of destruction and mayhem!

I know, they look innocent enough and thankfully most of the time they are, when they get up to mischief however it can reach levels of unprecedented destruction.  The most recent incident of fairly catastrophic proportions happened a few weeks ago.  I am only really ready to talk blog about it now.

We eat out regularly.   R and I love food and dining out and we are hoping that by exposing the boys to some fabulous restaurants and dining experiences we are doing our bit to raise them as little gourmands.  Perhaps we have even been a touch too smug about our little foodies that happily join us at the table, quietly colouring in or reading whilst we scan the menu and savour the wine list.  All smugness has been abandoned however in the aftermath of our first dining out disaster and it was at one of the most spectacularly located restaurants in Sydney, Le Kiosk at Shelley Beach

A lovely little restaurant located literally metres from the sands of Shelley Beach.  It really is the most picturesque location and the restaurant itself is definitely a bit more sophisticated that your average neighbourhood restaurant which makes what happened even more mortifying!

So... as we entered the restaurant R and I waited at the door to be seated and the boys were just behind us.  As I was saying to the waiter... booking under the name of ****** I caught they boys out of the corner of my eyes making their way over to the mirrored wall that runs the length of the restaurant behind all the tables.  Presumably to reflect the view for any diners not facing out towards the spectacular view... but before the waiter had even managed to look up our reservation disaster struck: 

The boys were making faces at themselves in the mirror.
The Captain picked up the little one.
The little one howled in protest and kicked his feet off the wall.
Everything started to move in slow motion, yet Ross and I were paralysed with horror.
The Captain fell sideways into a table set for four.
The table teetered and then tipped over.
A chair quickly followed it.
Both boys fell to the ground.
Four sets of cutlery, glassware and crockery hit the floor.
After the initial crescendo of crashing glassware and smashing crockery, the silence was deafening.
The kitchen staff came out to see what happened.
Time started to accelerate suddenly for some reason.
Both boys emerged from the scene of destruction completely unscathed despite all the hazards they were surrounded by. 
The little one started to cry.
The Captain walked out of the restaurant tears dripping and marched straight across to the far side of the beach (well out of reach of everyone!)
R whispered to me out of the corner of his mouth, "we need to leave immediately!"
I curtly announced out of the corner of my mouth, "definitely not, we need to order up big time and leave a massive tip!"

And, that's exactly what we did. To the credit of the staff they were amazing, Ross and I tried to clean it all up but we were ushered straight to a table and wisely handed a wine list.  A soothing glass of wine later and an apology to the staff from Nicholas and I felt (a little) better.  The meal we had was excellent and the service, considering what had happened was impeccable.  I highly recommend it, just make sure you have a meal during daylight hours to take advantage of the magnificent setting and maybe don't tell them that we sent you!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A lazy weekend.

Recently we have been frantically busy.  Partly as we are just about to undertake a fairly major renovation,  (plans approved, builder engaged, organising storage and rearranging bedrooms right now!) and partly due to the Captain starting school and R's business expanding.  So it was a lovely change to have a relatively quiet weekend with only a few comittments to attend... and for the first time in ages we actually managed to capture all four of us behind the lens.  This is such an unusual event that I have posted the photo!  Here we all are, admittedly not the best photo of all of us, but as Jane would say... we're keeping it real people!

Saturday night we went to Hugos Manly for dinner. A truly great local restaurant.  It is in a fantastic location on Manly Wharf and has an amazing colonial/plantation style ambience.  It also manages to simultaneously be both intimate and romantic and yet family friendly!  We have had dinner there on date nights and also pizza early in the evening with kids and it is perfect for both.  Not many restaurants can accomplish this!  Can you tell I love it? 

The view from our table.  Note the bicycle leaning against the railing outside.  Every time I looked at it I thought of Julia and her fantasy bike collection.

This is the dish that we go there for... not the little one's pizza, although the pizza is fantastic, proper crispy thin crust! No, we get cravings for the... Wagyu beef carpaccio with roasted baby beetroot, whipped goat’s curd & balsamic  glaze!!! Delicious! I also recommend the Pimm's cocktail.  As a Pimm's aficionado I often find it undrinkable unless I have mixed it myself.  Hugos gets it right everytime, half ginger ale, half lemonade and just the right amount of fruit to cucumber!  Refreshing, delicious and perfect for a late afternoon or early evening cocktail.

The boys like it there as well. He is spotting fish!


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